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These links are offered merely as educational tools. New Woman Weight Loss does not endorse ANY weight loss program. However, if anyone has a success story from a particular program, please let us know and we will add a link for them. We encourage each person to educate themselves as to what is out there for weight loss.

Weight Watchers
The Good Old Reliable Program that has helped millions of people get to their ideal weight.

eFit Online Health and Fitness Network
A very extensive website that just screams Lose Weight. It has some great tools to help you on your weight loss program. Check it out...Free Membership.

At Home With Richard Simmons
Not much explaination needed for this one. Richard Simmons has motivated millions to "Sweat to the Oldies". His website is very user friendly. Some items on the site are free but you have to pay to be a Member of his "Club". I am not a member, so I cannot comment on what is actually offered once inside...

Fit or Fat With Covert Bailey
I have read most of Covert Bailey's weight loss books and they are great. He is very funny and very smart when it comes to how your body works and how you can make it thnner.  His basic philosophy is fat makes you fat. This website offers much information to help you lose weight and keep it off. There is so much offered on his site, you just have to go there and browse.

WebMD Weight Loss Information Page
WebMD is a great site for ANY health or medical related issue. This particular page on their site examines many topics related to weight loss and obesity.  The experts are superior in their fields and extremely knowledgable. You need to check out the entire site because it is extensive and they have many different pages related to weight loss.

Jenny Craig
I know very little about her program. For more information, check out this site.

These two organizations have been around  for almost 150 years and have helped many men and women lose weight through their exercise programs. You must build up your metabolism if you plan to lose weight and these people have all you need to do just that. To find them in your area, go to the sites listed here.