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Lisa's Weight Loss Journey Calendar 

I am sharing my progress and very personal journey with the hopes that it might help anyone with a weight crisis to know that EVERYONE can lose weight. I am 41 and have struggled with a weight problem ALL my life. I know from my studies that weight problems happen for many reasons. It can be hereditary, emotional, medical, or simply because you have a love for food. All these factors can be overcome and you can lose weight. I am and we will do it together.....My calendar will begin with  52 weeks as a model. I will let you know what types of food I am eating, what types of exercise (blahhhhh) I am doing, and how much weight I am losing. I will show a photo each week. Please send your success photos so we can post them on "Your Stories" page. I will be glad to set up a page like this for anyone that feels they want the challenge. Just let me know by e-mail and we'll get it started......

Wk. #1 
July 5th, 2002

278 lbs.

I weigh 278 lb.. I can't believe I am this big. Well, each journey begins with one step. I had my stomach stapled in 1982 for weight loss and loss 120 lbs. As you can see, it didn't last. I am testament that it is a lifelong decision to be healthy and thin. The surgeon could not make that decision for me.I had to make it myself. I am doing it Right Now!!!

Wk. #2 
July 14th, 2002

276 lbs.

I have heard of a new minimal procedure for weight loss called a lapband technique. I am very interested. I had a tough time locating a doctor here in Dallas that performed it. Luckily, there are two in Dallas at the Southerwestern Medical School. I am very interested. I never thought after the last surgery I would ever consider it again but this sounds very promising. 30 minute surgery with only an overnight hospital stay. Back to work in a week. I am hoping to go for an initial visit next week. I'll keep you posted.